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Karan Beef premium products are produced from the finest beef to ensure maximum flavour. Learn about the composition and preparation of our beef.

    Karan Beef

    1. Chuck

    Chuck contains six vertebrae: six to seven rib bones. It also consists of several muscle layers.


    Cranberry Chuck Pot Roast

    Purchase cut and cooking method

    • Rolled beef – Pot roast, oven roast in foil or cooking bag if matured
    • Sliced, with or without bone (1.5cm) – Braise
    • Goulash cubes (2.5cm) – Stewing beef
    • Bones for meat stock – Soup
    • Mince – Mince dishes
    • Variants: Chuck Roll, Chuck Bone-in, Chuck Boneless

    2. Neck

    It contains a large proportion of bone and white connective tissue, making it very tasty. The neck has a thick yellow sinew that should be removed before cooking as it will not soften.


    Mediterranean Beef Neck Stew

    Purchase cut and cooking method

    • Neck slices – Braise or casserole
    • Goulash cubes (2.5cm) – Stewing beef
    • Mince – Mince dishes
    • Bones with meat – Stock for stews, roasts, braises, soups and sauces
    • Variants: Neck Bone-in, Neck Boneless

    3. Bolo Blade

    A bright-red muscle layer on top resembles a red patch. Bolo contains little intramuscular fat. It is a boneless beef cut with a coarse texture and consists of a few muscle layers which can be separated.

    Bolo Blade

    Bolo Blade Roast with Vegetables

    Purchase cut and cooking method

    • Whole (1.5kg or larger) – Pot roast, aluminium foil or cooking bag
    • Sliced (1.5cm thick) – Braise
    • Cubes (2.5cm) – Stewing beef
    • Cut into three 5mm minute steak beef olives – Frying
    • Mince – Mince dishes
    • Variants: Blade Bone-in, Blade Boneless, Bolo, Oyster Blade, Chuck Tender

    4. Brisket

    This beef cut contains a breast bone and a few ribs. It is divided into the point brisket, mid-brisket and navel end. The texture of the meat is coarse.


    Pulled Brisket Tacos

    Purchase cut and cooking method

    • Brisket roll – Pot roast, aluminium foil or cooking bag
    • Flat, trimmed brisket (pastrami) – Boil, as for corned beef
    • Sliced with/without bone (1.5cm) – Braise
    • Variants: Brisket Navel Bone-in, Brisket Navel Boneless , Brisket Point-in Bone-in , Brisket Point-in Boneless

    5. Shin

    It contains a large proportion of bone and white connective tissue that contribute to the taste.


    Osso Bucco with Gremolata

    Purchase cut and cooking method

    • Slices with bone (1.5cm thick) – Braise or soup
    • Mince – Mince dishes
    • Variants: Shin Bone-in, Shin Boneless , Soft Shin/Heel

    6. Short ribs

    Short ribs

    Sticky Asian Short Ribs

    • Variants: Full 8 Rib (Cap on/ Cap off), 4 Rib (Cap on/ Cap off)

    7. Prime Rib

    It consists of three to four rib bones and an eye muscle. There are several flat muscle layers on top of the eye muscle, separated by fat and connective tissue layers.

    Prime Rib

    Sage Prime Rib Roast with Gorgonzola Sauce

    Purchase cut and cooking method

    • Prime rib roast – Oven roast
    • Roll – Oven roast
    • Prime rib steaks (2.5cm to 3cm) – Grill and pan-fry
    • Ribeye steaks (2.5cm) – Grill and pan-fry
    • Variants: Ribeye/ Cuberoll, Primerib (Cap on/ Cap off), OP Ribs

    8. Thin Flank

    It contains a few ribs in a triangular shape (short rib). The rest of the beef cut is boneless and covered with a thick layer of connective tissue, removed before cooking.

    Thin Flank

    Matambre - Argentinian Stuffed Flank Steak

    Purchase cut and cooking method

    • Roll with or without stuffing – Pot roast, bake in foil or cooking bag
    • Short ribs – Braise, casserole or cure for soutribbetjie
    • Mince trimmings – Mince dishes
    • Variants: Flank Bone-in Fourrib, Flank Boneless, Bavette, Flank Steak

    9. Ribeye


    Chimichurri Ribeye Steak

    • Variants: OP Ribs, Cuberoll

    10. Sirloin

    The striploin (sirloin) is attached and runs parallel to the spine on the hindquarter and is inclusive of the eye muscle. The meat is tender and has a fine texture. As a bone in cut its inclusive of the spinal bones thus the club steak and T-bone (including fillet) can derived from it.


    Fiery Sirloin Salad Cups

    Purchase cut and cooking method

    • T-bone roast (one large cut) – Oven roast
    • Roll – Oven roast and Weber braai
    • T-bone steak (2.5cm) – Grill and pan-fry
    • Porterhouse steak (2.5cm) at largest (rump side) – Grill and pan-fry
    • Striploin – Grill and pan-fry
    • Variants: Striploin, Sirloin, T-bone/ shortloin

    11. Rump

    A tender beef cut that consists of a few loosely connected muscles and the pelvic bone. This cut also contains part of the fillet. (The pelvic bone consists of the hip and aitchbone).


    Teriyaki and Pineapple Beef Kebabs

    Purchase cut and cooking method

    • Rump roast (one large cut, 1.5kg) – Oven roast
    • Rump steaks (2.5cm) – Grill and pan-fry
    • Goulash cubes (2.5cm) – Kebabs
    • Strips for stir-fry – Stir-fry
    • Variants: Picanha, Tri tip (fat on/fat off), Rump Heart (fat on/fat off)

    12. Fillet

    The fillet is situated inside the carcass alongside the vertebral column, from the wing rib to the rump. The fillet is boneless, without fat and the most tender cut in the carcass.


    Fillet Medallions with Exotic Mushroom Sauce

    Purchase cut and cooking method

    • One large beef cut. Bard or baste – Oven roast
    • Several steaks can be cut from the fillet, such as minute, mignon, piccata and tournedo. (Mostly 2.5cm) –
    • Grill and pan-fry
    • Variants: Fillet (Chain on/ chain off)

    13. Topside

    The topside cut is recognised by the half-moon-shaped fat layer on the outside. Just beneath this layer is a thin muscle layer followed by two larger muscle layers. The texture is coarse with little marbling. The aitchbone is in the topside as well.


    Roasted Mustard Topside with a Cream Sauce

    Purchase cut and cooking method

    • Roast (1.5kg or larger) – Lard and pot roast, aluminium foil or cooking bag
    • Roll (1.5kg or larger) – Pot roast with aluminium foil or cooking bag
    • Stewing steak slices (3mm to 5mm) – Braise
    • Cubes (2.5cm) – Stew
    • Cut biltong (2.5cm to 3cm) – Dry curing and hang to dry
    • Mince – Mince dishes
    • Holland steak (5mm) – Fry in butter, medium to rare, and serve
    • Variants: Topside (fat on/fat off), Topside heart

    14. Silverside

    It consists of three parallel muscles: the round eye muscle, rectangular and small triangular muscles. The round muscle is easy to recognise as it’s covered with a silvery layer of connective tissue. The meat has a coarse texture and very little intramuscular fat.


    Rosemary and Garlic Silverside Sunday Roast

    Purchase cut and cooking method

    • Large cut (1.5kg or more) – Lard and pot roast, bake in foil or cooking bag
    • Cure for corned beef – Do not cook. Slice thinly and serve as smoked beef
    • Thin slices (3.5mm), prego steaks (5mm)
    • Beef olives – Pan-fry
    • Goulash cubes (2.5cm) – Stewing beef
    • Biltong – Cure and dry
    • Variants: Silverside (fat on/fat off), Silverside flat, Eyeround

    15. Knuckle

    It consists of three concentric muscles, the inside one being the most tender and known as mock fillet.


    Beef Knuckle and Horseradish Sourdough Sandwiches

    Purchase cut and cooking method

    • One large cut (1.5kg or more) – Pot roast, bake in foil or cooking bag
    • Slices, Holland steak (1.5cm) – Braise
    • Goulash cubes (2.5cm) – Stew
    • Mince – Mince dishes
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