The World of Steak

  • Karan Beef

    SOME things get better with age, like wine, cheese and of course a huge serving of succulent steak.

    For months I have been introduced to the world of steaks, there have been a few that I deemed unforgettable.

    Made with great flavor and quality, these premium slabs of cooked beef are hard to find. Most steakhouses offer either well-flavored or bubblegum-like texture that takes hours to chew. No matter how expensive or cheap, it does not matter. Finding the right establishment to feed off the inner carnivore in you is a tough job to make.

    Whether you are in Davao City or not, I have summed up three places in the world that will satisfy your steak cravings.

    Trumps Grill house and Butchery – Sandton, Johannesburg

    Located in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa, this steakhouse is a favorite among Qatar Airways crew. The moment we reach Sandton, we look forward to having a good dinner in Trumps. Not only do they serve the best steaks, they also top it off with the best wine, No. 42 Orpheus and the Raven.

    Devouring a perfectly grilled rump of Karan Beef, you will have your own taste of steak haven. Its robust flavor and course texture is surely a must to try. They also have other dishes you might want to try. For a four hundred gram steak, house wine and some starters, I only paid for a thousand pesos and it’s a good deal.

    Santis Delicatessen – Timog Avenue, Quezon City

    I am no steak expert but if I want a good fix of steak at home, Santis is the best go to for a delicious American Angus Ribeye. Being influenced by a partner who loves meat, I make sure that I get at least three or four slabs in my freezer just in case I crave for it. With eight hundred pesos, you can buy a four hundred gram slice. It might be quite expensive but it is worth it. Season it with salt and pepper, sear it with oil and you are good to go. Make sure you are glued in a YouTube tutorial for a medium rare doneness otherwise you will end up eating a raw steak.

    KSteak Unlimited – Marfori, Davao City

    Being a local, I have tried most of the restaurants in Davao that offer steaks and they were okay. I chanced upon this steakhouse earlier this month and I could say they serve amazing steaks at a surprisingly amazing price. You can enjoy two well-seasoned and tender steaks for a price of one thousand pesos. Top it off with creatively thought-of burgers that one can only find in food network. For our meal, I had a generous serving of Bone in Ribeye Steak and an exquisite Black Angus Double Cheeseburger. The steak had a nice marbling to it. Pair it off with a double decked angus patty oozing with cheese, who could ask for more? I could definitely say K-steak serves the best in town.

    I have yet to try new cuisines, explore uncharted places and devour more steaks in the future. If there is one thing I learned in my quest for steaks, it is just the same as life - the simpler it is, the better.

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