COVID-19 Updates

  • Karan Beef

    Combatting Covid-19 is a collective effort for which all of us, and not just medical professionals, have a responsibility to.

    As the diagnoses of the Coronavirus continues to rise across the globe, we have taken the following measures to ensure a safe environment for our employees and our clients as their health and safety is our top priority.

    • Hand sanitizers are to be used by all employees, clients and suppliers when entering and exiting any of our premises. All delivery vehicle cabins have been equipped with sanitizers.
    • All employees and clients are temperature checked by staff equipped with the necessary safety gear when entering each of our premises.
    • All entrances and exits have been equipped with sanitizers.
    • All our employees have undergone hygiene training and frequent hand washing and sanitizing will be adhered to in their workplace and at home.
    • Frequent sanitizing of work stations will be adhered to.
    • Employees have been advised to keep a safe distance when meeting and speaking to one another and to avoid or limit non-essential gatherings, avoid handshaking or hugging.
    • We are continuously educating employees on symptoms and they have been advised to report possible exposure and sickness to HR as early as possible.
    • No local or overseas visitors are allowed at any of the Karan Beef facilities during this time.

    We want to reassure our customers that you can purchase our products with confidence and would like to wish you and your family good health during this uncertain time.

    The Karan Beef Management team.

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