Karan Beef Nigel

Karan Beef Nigel

Karan Beef recently acquired Manjoh Ranch now known as Karan Beef Nigel. The 5 700ha farm consists of 2 200ha arable land which will be used to produce maize, sorghum and soya, and the balance will be used for the backgrounding of cattle.

The farm has its own feedmill for mixing balanced rations that will supplement the backgrounding programme. Up to 80 000 tons of silage can be produced in a cropping season. 

Once calves have been processed at the Karan Beef Feedlot in Heidelberg, the smaller calves will be moved into the backgrounding programme at Karan Beef Nigel, and returned about 60 days later. This ensures that the calves are well adapted when entering the Feedlotting process.

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Karan Beef Nigel

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Delmas Road
R42, Holgatefontein

GPS: -26.367625; +28.543835

Telephone: 016 004 0137/38