About Us


The dedication of our people is what makes us able to maintain consistent standards.

The care and management of livestock is a demanding business, which combines the most innovative international thinking with the experience and knowledge of local farmers.


Our ongoing success can be directly attributed to the many different people within the Karan Beef Group. Our in-house teams encompass the spectrum of experience and expertise – all of which combine to enable us to provide exceptional service throughout.

Our staff are skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of different fields, including animal sciences, human resources, administration, maintenance and training, and we are able to draw on all the skills needed for the production of delicious beef products from within the Karan Beef ranks.

From our dedicated team of research and development scientists to the teams of drivers who keep our organisation moving, the Karan Beef family stays dedicated to our belief in ' consistency through control’ and a constant drive for excellence.