About Us

The Karan Beef story

Karan Beef is one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of beef products and continuously sets the benchmark for excellence in the local beef industry. Karan Beef is committed to adhering to the highest-quality, productivity, hygiene, housekeeping and general maintenance standards.

    Karan Beef Group

    KARAN BEEF encompasses our beef processing and supply chain business. Incorporating transportation and logistics, packaging, cold storage, and distribution all through our Heidelberg Feedlot, Nigel Feedlot and Backgrounding facilities Holding stations, Abattoir and Distribution Centre, which are all critical to our ability to guarantee superior customer service and the highest quality beef from gate to plate.

    Our recent acquisition of Triple A Beef in KwaZulu-Natal has increased our business by over 35 000 head of cattle, which will increase our contribution to the South African Meat Industry.

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