About Us

The Karan Beef story

Karan Beef is one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of beef products and continuously sets the benchmark for excellence in the local beef industry. Karan Beef is committed to adhering to the highest productivity, hygiene, housekeeping and general maintenance standards.


    Over the years we have developed strong and lasting relationships with our breeder suppliers and it is these relationships that help us maintain a superior herd, resulting in the beef we are known for.

    We purchase calves between 7 and 12 months of age. After they are collected, they are transported from our holding stations to our Feedlot via our private fleet of trucks. Our local and Namibian holding stations play a crucial role in obtaining cattle from established and emerging farmers who do not have the means to get their calves to our Feedlot. Upon arrival, each calf is weighed, inspected, inoculated and tagged. This information is captured into our database to keep track of each animal, from the moment of arrival through to slaughter.

    Once processed, the cattle are moved into pens where they are fed a scientifically formulated starter ration designed to stimulate feed intake before being moved onto production and finishing rations. We can comprehensively monitor the animals and their well-being during the entire feeding period, quickly identifying and treating any diseases that may appear within the herd.


    We believe that what we feed our cattle significantly influences the beef we produce. The Karan Beef feedmill is arguably one of the most modern facilities in the world, relying on Programmable Logic Controls technology and the most advanced support technology available.

    Our feed recipes are scientifically formulated from data collected across the globe. We produce our mixed feed exclusively with locally sourced ingredients that contain no animal by-products to ensure superior raw materials.

    Our computer-aided feeding programme can produce up to 1 740 tons of mixed feed daily and automatically controls the amount of feed to individual pens. This allows quantities to be varied when necessary and enables us to account for variables like the physical condition of the animals, prevailing weather conditions and the change of seasons.

    Nigel Farm

    Our Karan Beef Nigel farm is used for maize, sorghum, soya and hay production as well as our Cattle backgrounding programme.

    Our Nigel feedmill mixes balanced rations used for supplementation in the backgrounding programme. During the backgrounding programme calves are left to graze, and as a result they are better adapted and prepared for the Feedlotting process.

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