About Us


At Karan Beef we aspire to maintain our distinction as South Africa’s trusted supplier of beef products and set the benchmark for excellence in the local beef industry.

Karan Beef strives to be recognized for our commitment to the highest standards of productivity, hygiene, housekeeping and general maintenance.


Our heritage and future are firmly South African. When we initially began feedlotting on the Karan family farm in 1974, our herd comprised of less than 100 cattle. Today we accommodate up to 180 000 head of cattle (including Cattle on backgrounding), officially making Karan Beef the largest feedlot in Africa.

Situated just south of Johannesburg, South Africa, our Heidelberg farm has had to adapt to the changing needs of our thriving business over the last 46 years. During this time we purchased three adjoining farms to increase the overall size of our estate to 2 330ha, allowing it to accommodate the growing feedlot, as well as the evolution of our facilities into a fully integrated business unit.

This expansion has enabled us to establish a game farm and wetland eco-development which has become a significant attraction and boasts the widest variety of waterfowl in South Africa.

The growth of our business has allowed us to construct one of the largest feedmills of its kind in the world. Making use of the very best design techniques and technology available, our feedmill occupies an area of 15 000m2 and is capable of producing up to 1 740 tons of mixed feeds per day.

Karan Beef has also purchased an abattoir in Balfour, situated in close proximity to the feedlot. This facility has been significantly modernised and is used exclusively for the streamlined slaughter of animals from the Karan Beef feedlot and the processing of those carcasses into a wide range of beef products.

The purchase of the abattoir prompted us to establish a marketing and distribution centre located in Johannesburg. With extensive cold store and freezer facilities, our City Deep Distribution Centre allows us to efficiently complete the supply chain and has helped secure Karan Beef Group’s position as the largest fully integrated beef production organisation in Africa.