About Us


Our consistent standards and care form the foundation for everything we do. The care we take in the nutrition of our cattle and their feed has always been of paramount importance.

We believe that what we feed our cattle significantly influences the beef products we produce, which is why the Karan Beef feedmill is arguably one of the most modern facilities in the world.


Relying on PLC (Programmable Logic Controls) technology and the most advanced support technology available, our feedmill is the largest of its kind in the world. Our feed recipes are scientifically formulated from data collected from across the globe, and we produce our mixed feed exclusively with locally sourced ingredients that contain no animal by-products, to ensure superior raw materials.

Our computer aided feeding programme is capable of producing up to 1 740 tons of mixed feed daily and automatically controls the amount of feed to individual pens. This allows quantities to be varied when necessary and allows us to account for variables, such as the physical condition of the animals, prevailing weather conditions and the change of seasons and thereby ensure the optimal nourishment of our cattle.