About Us


One of our most valuable assets is the relationships we form.

Over the years we have developed strong and lasting relationships with our breeder suppliers and it is these relationships that help us maintain a superior herd, resulting in the beef we are known for.


Our team of expert buyers are constantly visiting breeders to carefully select only the best weaner calves for purchase by Karan Beef. This is a mutually beneficial relationship, as breeders are relieved of the inconvenience of transporting cattle to auctions and paying commissions to auctioneers. These relationships are strengthened by the fact that our breeders know that they will always have a market for their cattle at Karan Beef, provided they keep meeting our high standards.

We purchase calves between seven and 12 months of age, after which they are collected and transported to our feedlot via our private fleet of trucks. During transportation, we implement innovative transportation techniques that are designed to cause minimal stress to the cattle. Upon arrival at the feedlot, each calf is weighed, inspected, inoculated and tagged. This information is captured into our database, so that we can keep track of each animal, from the moment of arrival through to slaughter.

Once processed, the cattle are moved into pens of 120 animals, where they are fed a scientifically formulated starter ration designed to stimulate feed intake before being moved onto production and finishing rations. During the entire feeding period we are able to comprehensively monitor the animals and their well-being, quickly identifying and treating any diseases that may appear within the herd.

Our relationship with our breeders continues after the cattle arrive at our feedlot. We maintain constant communication through our breeder suppliers, keeping breeders informed of the cattle they have supplied, as well as assisting them to improve their breeding methods. Through regular visits to our feedlot, our breeder suppliers are able to stay updated with the latest technology and trends in animal husbandry and the international beef market, ensuring we continually strengthen and maintain these vital relationships.